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1. I have read the letter of Information and agree to participate in the research study entitled “Measuring Personal Intelligence in the PMO”.

2. I understand that this means that I will complete an online questionnaire that includes measures of emotional experiences and behaviors. I am aware that the online questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and there are no foreseeable risks or harm.

3. I understand that my participation in this study is voluntary and I do not have to answer any questions that I don’t want to and I may discontinue participation in the questionnaire at any time.

4. I understand that I will be receive a feedback report for completing the questionnaire. This report summarizes my results on the tool by comparing my scores with a large number of adults who also completed the scale. I understand that the feedback report will be emailed to me using an email address I provide.

5. I understand that all information collected will be used anonymously. My name and e-mail will never be attached to published data and will only be used to return my feedback report to me. The data collected will be in the form of group averages and at no time will any individual outside of the immediate research team have access to the information I provide.

6. I am aware that PMO Flashmob, Adaptimist Insights and their associates may publish the results of this study.

By clicking the NEXT button below, I acknowledge that I have read the above statements and show that I am willing to participate in this research. I know that if I am uncomfortable at any time I can stop the testing.